This dream home at 209 Sand Bar Road in Windham can be yours but you better have deep pockets, because it's the most expensive home for sale in the town according to 

This beautiful bedroom 3 and a half bath home on Little Sebago goes for just $2,495,000. Should a thousand of us pool our money together and snatch it up? I call dibs on the top bunk!


Not only does it have 5 bedrooms, but it also has a giant closed in porch, a home theater, and a giant tub overlooking the lake.

I know people clean up their homes before the realtor comes in to snap pictures, but this place is immaculate. Then again, you can afford to have someone keep it immaculate when you're shelling out $2.5M for the home. What's another 100K or so a year for the cleaning service? Check out the photos.