I didn't think I needed this in my life, but I do. You've gotta check out this tumbler that turns famous people into red heads with freckles. 


As someone who has many beautiful ginger friends in her social circle, I have to say I consider this to be a very high compliment. And frankly, I think some of the celebrities look better as red heads!

Not only are red heads beautiful, some study's have suggested they are more genetically superior. The red headed gene is far more complex than their blonde, black or brunette counterparts.  Because of this they are more sensitive to pain and in fact require more anesthesia for procedures like dental work. They were also traditionally suspected as having magical powers, and historically have been viewed as more confident, fiery and assertive in general.

And while the red headed jokes have been around forever, the truth is, most men are subconsciously intimidated by a beautiful ginger and consider her to be "out of his league." So take heart my fiery friends. Turns out you're way cooler than the rest of us.