Parents, this product is going to change you and your child's life forever. The furture IS here! I came upon this crazy product on Facebook, and I had to share it with you. I am now dating someone that has a son, and I have seen the struggle; it's real! You love your kids, but, what if you didn't have to tell them when to do certain 'life things' all the time? Like brush their teeth, get dressed for school, or go to bed. What if they would learn to be a bit more self sufficient between the ages of 3-8? Well, hold on to your dirty laundry parents, and get ready to have your mind blown! And, maybe have a little more free time!

The smart watch is called Octopus by Joy. Currently, they have a campaign on to raise funds to support the project and company. This is a brilliant idea, and if you donate, you get in early, you could be one of the first parents to get the product! Click here to learn more!