This adorable little boy named Rawlynd has to sleep on the floor and that is absurd. Please share this story and help him and his family. 

Rawlynd is a sweet six year old boy who should be asking for video games for his birthday, not a bed. Rawlynd has Epilepsy and global developmental delays. He cannot eat with his mouth or walk. All his mom and dad want for him is to be comfortable. He has been sleeping on the floor because it is the only safe place for him. The special safe medical bed he needs is not covered by insurance and costs $12,000. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to lay your child on a hard floor, knowing there's a better option that could make him more comfortable but you can't get it.

Comedy Show for Rawlynd is happening this Saturday. Please spread the word and his Go Fund Me page. Maybe we can all help this family a little at a time.

Cyndi Tucci


See you there!