If you have lost a loved one that served our country, then this is the perfect place to remember them. The Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, New Hampshire is an outdoor cathedral built with love and appreciation to any and all soldiers; lost to war and conflict. It is picturesque overlooking the Monadnock Valley in Rindge. In 1937, Sibyl and Douglas Sloane III bought the very land the now cathedral is set on for there family to live and grow. The following year, a great hurricane ravaged the land. When they went to to access the damage, they found that mother nature had done them a grand favor. The winds blew down trees that allowed a perfect panoramic view Grand Monadnock Mountain.

When World War II began, there sons Sanderson and Jack joined the armed forces. But, only Jack returned home to his family in NH. In 1945, the Sloane family held a memorial service for their lost son Sanderson, and all the community came to that gorgeous clearing. All to honor their fallen soldier. This inspired the family to build the stunning outdoor cathedral for all people to come, of any religion, to remember and honor their loved ones lost. And, still to this day, the unbelievable view is a place of peace for family and friends for their own lost soldiers.