This seemingly docile looking piece of common household machinery almost killed me this weekend.  You need to read this!I awoke Sunday morning to find I had no water. Not to sound sexist but I'm a girl who lives alone and when these things happen, panic ensues.

Thinking it must be some super easy fix, I rushed to the basement in my bunny slippers and robe while holding a dusty pink toolbox. The well circuit breaker was still in the on position and all looked normal.  I knew then, it must be the water pump. I crouched down to my bare knees on the cold, cement basement floor to look at the pressure gauge, which was registering "0." This is when I knew something was very wrong.

After banging on the tank for a while and wiggling the wires connected at the bottom, I reached for my pink screw driver to unscrew the cover of a grey box that looked pretty important. I was still convinced at this point that I could fix it. How hard can this be?

When the box opened, inside were lots of metal components with wires. That's when the phone rang. That call saved my life because little did I know, there were thousands of volts of electricity running through those wires I almost touched and would have fried me instantly.

Moral of the story? If you don't know what you're doing don't touch anything. The plumber said I came within an inch of my life.