Giving your time, money, or items to anyone in need is the most beautiful think you can do in this world. It is selfless, kind, and generous; we need more of that everyday. But, around Christmas time, these acts of kindness are even more special. Christmas brings us all together to celebrate and love one another. And, it can be as easy as smiling at someone when the walk past you, or helping someone with their groceries. Try to do something that gives back this holiday season, and I promise you it will brighten your day and their day.

11 year old Portland boy Brayden Bashaw said that every year at Christmas, his parents ask him to do something to give back. This year Brayden decided that doing one good deed was not enough. He wanted to go big, or go home! He began with his grandmother's help to make pine cone Christmas ornaments, and sell them at his school's craft fair. Then, he took the about $2,000 he made, and bought Christmas gifts for the children fighting illness at the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. Warning: you may cry tears of joy with this story. Thank you to WCSH Channel 6 for sharing.