Christmas is coined the most wonderful time of the year. But, it is not the most wonderful time for some that can't make ends meet. We get caught up in all the joy, shiny things, and gifts; we don't think about how it would feel without them. Giving back as always been a huge part of the holidays thanks to so many charities we can give to. No matter the amount, or little the gesture; we can call come together to help out our fellow residents. Christmas is about giving, and creating hope for all. And, when I hear of a story like this, it takes me to the true meaning of Christmas, love.

In Manchester, a mother and daughter went out Christmas shopping on Black Friday this year hoping to find great toys. The daughter had a gift card she wanted to us. But, when they got to the register, they were just over $5 short of the amount due. Before the mother could break the news to her daughter; a cashier stepped in to help out. This small act inspired others to help as well. I do hope that this story inspires you to give back this holiday season. Thank you for sharing WMUR Channel 9 for sharing.