The Tiny Home craze is only gaining more traction as people downsize their houses and their expenses to live with only the essentials in adorable tiny homes. Since the craze has taken off, the designs, technology, and furnishings of the tiny homes have gotten more elaborate. A duo from Windham, Maine are taking tiny homes to the next level with their Pinterest-worthy designs and floor plans that make the most of limited space.

On their Facebook page, Tiny Homes of Maine say their designs start at $3600. Their model home (pictured on Instagram below) has all the bells and whistles would run you about $65,000.

Take a tour of Tiny Homes of Maine's model home. You may be ready to make the downsize jump yourself once you see the cozy comforts of this tiny home.

The tiny home is towable, which is perfect for your on the go lifestyle. Have you ever wished you could travel the country without packing? When everything you own is attached to a trailer hitch, there's no need for suitcases.

The interior design of this place is straight out of HGTV. Gorgeous wood floors, shiplap style walls, and built-in laundry... Most Portland apartments can't even boast that!

No need to sacrifice comfort in a tiny home -- look how cozy this sleeping loft looks!

Plenty of room for surfing the internet, watching TV, preparing and eating a meal, and relaxing. Let's be real... What more do you need in a home?