We've all been there before. You're waiting at the intersection to turn left, but the line of traffic keeps coming in both directions with no end in sight, and you think to yourself "If only there was a traffic light here." Here are two intersections in Maine that you've told us desperately need a traffic light.

Intersection of Bucknam Road and I-295 Ramp in Falmouth

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This intersection is only an issue for people getting off of I-295. It's a busy off-ramp during commute times because it's how many people connect to the Maine Turnpike from I-295, not to mention all the businesses along Route 1 in Falmouth.

If you've ever sat at this stop sign during the the morning or evening rush, you've experience long wait times as endless streams of traffic come from both directions. People coming from the left on Bucknam will stop right in front of you to make the left onto the I-295 on-ramp while people coming from Route 1 on the left pass by. The line to turn onto I-295 backs up while the line to get off of it backs up even more.

A traffic light was here briefly at one point but didn't last. We're not sure who decided it wasn't needed, but with all the money put into refurbishing the Route 1 corridor between Portland and Falmouth recently, couldn't a little extra cash be put here for one more traffic light?

Five Corners in Poland

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For over 40 years, the intersection of Routes 26, 11 and Winterbrook Road in Poland has had a blinking light allowing traffic on 26 to continues while Route 11 and Winterbrook Road had to stop. That intersection and light has been upgraded several times over the years, but its purpose is the same. Flashing yellow for 26 and flashing red for 11 and Winterbrook.

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This stretch along Route 26 has developed a lot since the blinking light was installed all those years ago, Oxford Casino is up the road, a new high school has been built near here and several new businesses have been constructed as well.  Traffic has increased and It's only bound to increase more with the opening of two new hotels near the casino. Traffic on Route 11 is finding it harder and harder to cross the intersection. Traffic light please?

Those are just two of many intersections in Maine that we think could use a traffic light. What ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter.