The big question it legal to swim there?

As a teenager growing up in Concord, NH, one of my favorite things do was go for a swim at the Quarries. It was always a giant party there. On the side of Rattlesnake Hill, mined by Swenson Granite for over a hundred years, the Quarries are filled with fresh cool spring water that feels like heaven on a hot summer day.

The swimming holes are off the beaten path, but well worth the hike. There are cliffs to jump off into the water that are up to 40 feet high. I remember it being quite the adrenaline rush!

This NHPR article digs into the question of whether or not it's legal to swim at the quarries. They spoke with both city and state officials, and concluded that while it may be illegal to swim there, the police don't have the resources to patrol it...therefore it is highly unlikely you could get into any trouble going there.