How do you make One Million Mom's mad? The correct answer is puppets... 

More specifically we're talking about Jim Henson's The Muppets, and the brand new show that premiered last night. It's a new take on the classic show that's a self titled mockumentary style sitcom with a feel similar to The Office or 30 Rock. 

Check out the promotional "First Look" they released:


The One Million Moms, if they can even call themselves that when their Facebook page only shows 79,223 members, is apparently upset claiming that ABC has "ruined the Muppets" because they think the show has too many adult themes.

Ok... let's all just take one moment to acknowledge something here. The Muppets have ALWAYS been an adult show with sexually charged themes. The only difference here is the "Mom's" in this group (if they even are Mom's since we can't really be sure) grew up and finally got the joke!

One of my all time favorite movies as a kid was The Labyrinth with David Bowie. I watched that movie all the time, but when I went back to watch it with Ellie in a moment of nostalgia I couldn't believe how adult it was. I mean let's face it, the movie is really just about David Bowie's package in every frame, and I don't mean his order from Amazon Prime.


I watched the first episode of the new Muppet show so I could be sure before I wrote this.

While I admit it's not the same old show that I remember watching a small kid, it is certainly not "perverse". It's witty and relevant, and I appreciated the way they have adapted it for today's audiences.

To the One Million Mom's all I can say is it's too bad you didn't learn your lesson last time you tried to attack JC Penny's advertisement that featured a gay couple. I suggest you take a time out, eat some humble pie and find a cause that uplifts rather than tears down.