We are less than a week away from March and it's been what lots of people are calling "an easy winter". Quite a difference from the past few years. We can't forget Winter Storm Nemo from February of 2013 (pic above), where Portland received a record 31.9 inches of the white stuff. That number one more time....31.9 inches! If you're not a fan of driving on snow covered roads, having to shovel etc., then this has been your idea winter. If you're an skier, snowboarder, snowmobiler or general outdoor winter extremist, you probably have a different opinion.

Website thrillest.com came up with a list of the most and least miserable winters. These stats are based on the average temperatures and how much people there hate cold weather.

Top 5 MOST miserable states for winter

5. Maine

4. North Dakota

3. Alaska

2. Michigan

1. Minnesota

You might ask yourself why Colorado didn't make the list. It's cold there, with a ton of snow, right? Well that's most likely because the residents there LIKE the winter. More proof of that is how they ranked on the LEAST miserable winter list.

Top 5 LEAST miserable states for winter

5. Florida

4. Colorado

3. California

2. Arizona

1. Hawaii