Nude beaches and nudist colonies are nothing new. However, this trend of freedom and self-expression seems to be making a comeback and in even bigger ways. Every year on Earth Day students at The University of Maine paint themselves green and hop on their bikes to celebrate Mother Nature. Read More: Earth Day Means Naked, Green Bicyclists at UMaine.

Then this morning on the Mike n Anna in the Morning Show, we learned about World Naked Gardening Day, which takes place this Saturday May 2nd. According to their website, "second only to swimming, gardening is at the top of the list of family-friendly activities people are most ready to consider doing nude."  You can find out more by clicking here. 

If you're looking for an even bigger way to celebrate life in your birthday suit, you might consider taking a NAKATION! Yes, a nakation, is exactly what is sounds like. A naked vacation. There are many vacation spots available now, including a cruise line, that specialize and welcome naked vacationers. It's a real thing!

So, nudists rejoice, your time has come! I have no problem with it and I hope you enjoy every moment of your nakation, but as for me, I'm keepin' ma clothes outside of the comfort of my home!

Would you ever consider taking a nakation? If not, what's something a little unusual that you would consider doing in the buff?