I've always liked to stand up while I work. I feel more productive, mobile and creative than sitting behind a desk. Tonight, while listening to John Tesh radio show on HOM, I learned that standing up at work, at least during meetings, can be productive and and lead to better focus. Chalk one up for the standers! 

According to a new study from Washington University at St. Louis, standing up during meetings can not only make employees more focused but also help them be more open to other people's ideas. Sound fair to me. They say that when we sit during meetings we become territorial about our space and our ideas. We’ll spend more time defending our ideas instead of listening to others. Pretty interesting stuff and certainly at least worth a try!

Read the full story as heard on the John Tesh Radio Show on HOM and get more similar intelligence here. 

If given the choice or had the option, would you prefer to sit or stand while you work? Answer in the comments section of the website below or on our website and Twitter pages using the hashtag #worklife.

Here's a great scene from a classic work-related movie, Office Space. Enjoy!