If you remember Lifetime's game show Supermarket Sweep, you may have wondered how they kept all that meat cold and fresh. Host David Ruprecht has revealed some behind the scenes secrets from the game and it's not pretty. 

Game shows were at the height of their popularity in the 60s, 70s and 80s. It was game shows all morning long on all three major networks. As the talk shows and court room shows became more popular, the big budget game show slowly faded away.

Lifetime however saw potential in bringing back an old game show from the 60s called Supermarket Sweep which began airing on the new cable channel in 1990. Like the original version on ABC in the 60s, contestants were asked questions to earn time to go on a shopping spree through a grocery store, grabbing as many items as they could in the time that they had won. The team who filled their cart with items that cost more than their opponents won.

There was one major difference between the 60s version of Supermarket Sweep and Lifetime's 90's revival. The original game show was shot in an actual supermarket. The new version was in a TV studio. That's fine for all the canned foods, but the meats didn't do well. In fact, host David Ruprecht has revealed that the meat had gone bad.



Ewwwwww. The losers not only had to handle bad meat, but they went home with nothing but the tacky sweatshirts they were wearing on the show. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Here's an episode of the 90's version of Supermarket Sweep followed by an episode of the 60s version so you can see the differences. You know, like the difference between fresh and spoiled meat.