Are you a big seafood fan? I could live on it, especially lobster and crab rolls. Where is your favorite place (comment below)? Here are a few places I love to get seafood and one might surprise you.

KEN'S PLACE Scarborough, Maine. Located at 207 Pine Point Rd. Ken's is a staple for delectable seafood. I took my parents there last night and snapped this picture of the fried clams they got. I tried a few, just for this blog of course ; ) They were sweet, not gritty and perfectly crispy. Couple it with tarter sauce and your eyes will roll right back in your head. I had their crabmeat salad plate which had the perfect amount of mayo in it, including super fresh veggies (no brown lettuce) and potato salad. The potato salad wasn't my cup of tea but they definitely didn't skimp on the crabmeat and not one shell was in it.



"FAT BOY" 111 Bath Rd, Brunswick. Fat Boy has the tastiest crab roll i've ever tried. It's also super fun to drive up, leave your lights on for service and to be served "Happy Days" style with a tray secured to your window. If you aren't a fan of mayo, this may not suit you. I enjoy a little more mayo in my mix. I found that I needed to order double meat because they seemed to skimp a bit this year. I love the taste of the buttery toasted roll and the crab and mayo mixture. It's really perfect. They are also well known for their amazing grilled hot dogs and Canadian bacon B.L.T's.


SHAWS SUPERMARKET- Has the yummiest lobster roll I've ever tasted. Shaw's staff pre-make them so you can pick one up on your lunch break in the seafood section. Always fresh, packed full of big lobster chunks with a kind of sweet taste to it. I go there a lot to get a salad and just pop the lobster mixture on top. I bet if you try this you will be addicted too.

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