Being from Massachusetts, (a real doozy in itself to pronounce) I am no stranger to living somewhere where there is no correlation between the spelling of a place and how you are supposed to say it. Take my hometown for example, Leominster. Leominster is pronounced like LEH MIN STIR but you better believe people pronounce it like LEE OH MIN STER all the time! Since I am new to these parts, I thought I would educate myself on the correct pronounciation of NH's trickiest places to say.


Said like: am-uh-skayg

What is it? Amoskeag falls is a set of waterfalls in Manchester NH on the Merrimack River.


Said like: ash-wee-luht

What is it: The Ashuelot River is a tributary of the Connecticut River located in southwestern NH and is approximately 64 miles long.


Said Like: bel-nap

What is it? Belknap county is one of the 10 counties in the state of NH, home of Laconia, Belmont, South Hampton and more.


Said Like: Shoh-kor-oh-wah

What is it? Mount Chocorua is a summit in the White Mountains of NH.


Said Like: Con-tuk-uk

What is it? The Contoocook is a village within the town of Hopkinton in Merrimack County.


Said Like: Kaynk-uh-mah-guhs

What is it? The eastern portion of  NH Route 112 is called the Kancamagus Highway.


Said Like: Pehm-ih-juh-wah-seht

What is it? The Pemigawasset is a river known locally as "the pemi".


Said Like: Pehn-Uh-Kuk

What is it? Penacook is a community within the city of Concord NH. It was originally called "Fisherville".


Said Like: Pih-skat-uh-kwaw

What is it? The Piscataqua River connects Portsmouth NH and Kittery ME.


Said Like: Wihn-uh-puh-sawkee

What is it? Lake Winnipessaukee is the largest lake in the state of NH.

Well there you have it! You won't catch me mispronouncing ANY of these places. ;)  Did I miss any?