As a parent there are moments when I look at my daughter and feel so much gratitude and pride that I feel like I could burst.


Yesterday was no exception to that rule. As I sat outside the music room sneaking the above photo of Ellie auditioning I was struck by how amazing it is to watch your child go for the things they love.


Ellie has been asking to participate in a special select chorus at school since the end of last year, but thought she had missed the auditions. So when her music teacher called yesterday to tell us there was an extra series of slots available in one hour, I dropped everything to pick her up and take her.


What was amazing to me was her fearlessness. I've always struggled with stage fright when it came to singing. Acting never scared me the way standing up by myself and singing a song did. So to see Ellie stand up there confident in her abilities and completely free of any insecurities was probably my proudest moment to date.


The best part is she was accepted to the chorus! Apparently it's kind of a big deal, and students from all over the southern part of the state audition to be in it. For my part I'm just happy I could provide Ellie with the opportunity to pursue something she loves.


Aaand it doesn't hurt that I love singing too ;-)


Great News! She got in!