I tried not to laugh while helping my Nephew with his Revolutionary War project. I know I have a dirty mind anyway but this one takes the cake! 


I don't have kids of my own, so my bother's children are like mine and I love to help them with their homework. Here's a photo of my Nephew Patrick last night while I helped him with his project on The Revolutionary War. The picture he drew above is quite phallic to say the least. It got me to thinking about your kids. What is the worst thing your kid drew that appeared inappropriate but was completely innocent? Click on the comment button below and let me know if you can top the picture of "muskets" above.

Kids say the funniest things and my friend Becky shared this photo of a note her daughter wrote to a friend which made me chuckle. "Hannah, i'm sorry for hitting you I was upset about you pretending to eat me like a dragon."

Would love to hear your stories below, feel free to comment about the funniest thing your kid said, wrote or drew.

Here are some innocent but look inappropriate pictures from kids you can file through. I guarantee you'll get a chuckle...