We've all been there. We write a nice, heartfelt or informative message to someone and then they respond with, "K"...


"K" ...!?!? That's all you could muster up in response to my very thoughtful message?? Right up there with this response is, "yep" or "sure" or "ha" ... Seriously dude?



I don't know about you but I feel like in this digital age where the primary form of communication is texting and Facebook messaging, it should be obvious that these kinds of responses denote disinterest, dissatisfaction or even irritation for the person on the other end of that message.



For me I'm always careful that if I only have time for a quick response but I don't want someone to project an irritated tone onto my message, I add a smiley face or a quick "lol" to indicate that I'm not mad, just in a hurry.




In what I consider to be an ironic twist, the abundance of communication devices have resulted in a seeming decline in actual communication skills. With the growing inability to communicate face to face, it seems only natural that this lack in communication would bleed into our texting.  I'm starting to wonder if we need to offer text message etiquette classes in school.



Whatever your thoughts on the texting I'm hoping we can all agree that simply texting the letter "K" is, in fact, not Okay.