The ocean has taken many lives off the coast of Maine, if only she could talk. And, you can only imagine how horrific of a death it must be to go down with a boat. The souls are left behind to roam these shores forever.

This haunting tale happened during the war of 1812, and the ship in question was called 'Dash'. This ship was well known for breaking records of raking up sunken ships. Raising the dead from their resting spots on the ocean floor. The 'Dash' ended up going down just off Bailey Island in Casco Bay; maybe karma for disturbing the dead. And, since the day 'Dash' went down below, it has not been in peace. The entire crew was lost that day; and tales began about seeing this ship setting sail again. Over the years, there has reportedly been sightings of the Ghost Ship off of Lookout Point, Bailey's Island, Orr's Island, and the coast of Harpswell, Maine. The 'Dash' Ghost Ship has become a legend, and a bad omen. Some locals say that if you by chance get a glimpse of the Ghost Ship in Harpswell, it means that death is coming for you, or a family member. Believe it or not, but, either way, watch those shores at your own risk!