I knew that dogs herd sheep, but I had no idea teenagers did too!

This past weekend I went to the Common Ground fair for the first time. Luckily I was given a heads up not to expect rides, but I honestly didn't miss them. There was amazing food, fun crafts (I might be obsessed with wooden spoons and cutting boards) and fun events.

One of the events in particular that I enjoyed was the sheep dog demonstration. I attempted to interview one of the dogs prior to the even, but as you can see the dog was very busy prepping for the big show, and as a fellow performer I completely understood.


But nothing prepared me for the grande finale. After watching the dogs work their magic, the leaders of the demonstration then brought a group of volunteer teenagers onto the field to see if they could herd the animals faster than the sheep dogs did.

Spoiler: They did not herd the animals faster than the dogs, but the video that resulted from their efforts is pretty funny.


All in all it was a fantastic day and I had a lot of fun, even in spite of the major sunburn I got on my face. Also I got to look at tons of wooden spoons. So that was awesome.

Did I mention I love wooden spoons?...