The Most Dangerous Places In Maine
One of the best things about living in Maine is that crime is very low, in fact, Maine has the second lowest violent and property crime rate in the country. (Vermont has the lowest). However, parts of Maine still has there fair share of violence and crime.
Maine Has Some of the Smiliest Mugshots?! True Story.
O.K., this guy isn't from Maine, but he could be! Apparently when it comes to taking happy looking mugshots, Mainers are in the top 5. A new study analyzed over 30,000 mugshots through an app that studies and detects emotions and here are the top 5 states with the happiest looking mugshots:

North Car…
UPDATE: Bangor Police Need Your Help Right Now
Great news!
This is pretty low. Literally. This woman pointed something out on a lower shelf of a local store and when an elderly woman went to grab it, the person grabbed the elderly ladies wallet. LOW.
As usual, the Bangor Police Facebook page has done a fantastic write up...

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