I've been following "Super Hero Addy's" story on Facebook for a while now, and I was so excited when I read she was coming home!

While we have been focusing on breast cancer this month, the truth is cancer of every kind has been wreaking havoc on families for years now. cancer does not discriminate, and when I see a little child that is battling the disease my heart breaks for them and their parents.

Every day I am so grateful that my sweet Ellie Bean is a healthy, thriving 9 year old girl and I can't imagine the heartache if anything ever happened to her.

Addy's story began when she was diagnosed with lukemia. But instead of getting down, the big T-swift fan decided to "shake off Cancer" and her video proved it!


This sweet little ray of sunshine was diagnosed with leukemia three weeks ago. Her battle is just beginning though in my eyes she's already killed it. Inspiration comes from the smallest packages. I wish the world could know her because she makes it a more wonderful place. ❤️#shakeCANCERoff #Addystrong

Posted by Katie Flaherty on Monday, July 6, 2015


Now after 82 days at Boston Children's Hospital Addy's parents shared that thanks to an anonymous stem cell donor who was a perfect match, Addy is coming home!


Yesterday, a complete stranger, Addy's perfect match, willingly walked into the hospital and donated Addy's cure....

Posted by Super Hero Addy on Friday, October 9, 2015



As I read the message of thanks to her donor I couldn't help but cry a little and think about how we are all connected. I felt gratitude, though I don't know Addy, to this stranger who is making it possible for her to live. What an amazing gift!

As we celebrate awareness of breast cancer, lets not forget that every kind of cancer needs to go. It's my hope that i'll get to share more happy endings like these in the years to come!

Welcome Home Super Hero Addy!


It seems hard to top yesterday's great news of engraftment, but I think we might have done it. We were discharged today!...

Posted by Super Hero Addy on Monday, October 26, 2015