Prop bets are the ridiculous bets that online sports books offer up for the Super Bowl. I love these because fans like myself, who don't even understand the game, can bet and possibly be right and win money! Cool! My gut tells me that it will be red Gatorade being poured over the winning coach.

Nutty Prop Bets for Super Bowl 50:

  • Odds that Coldplay will be booed during the halftime show: 6-1
  • Odds the HGH allegations keep Peyton Manning out of the Super Bowl: 15-1
  • Odds that since the game is being played in the Bay Area, there will be an earthquake during the game of at least a 2.0 magnitude within 50 miles of the stadium: 56-1
  • Odds that there's a halftime show wardrobe malfunction: 25-1, a sound malfunction odds are 12-1
  • Odds that someone catches fire during the halftime show: 150-1
  • Odds of another tablet malfunction like there was during the Pats/Broncos last game: 9-1
  • Odds someone falls off stage at the halftime show: 14-1
  • Over-under on how many times the phrase "greatest of all time" is used during the game: 3.5

Bet responsibly. Is that an oxymoron?

I've got your over-under right here.