Adventures in New Hampshire

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Are you ready for some adventures in New Hampshire? New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets is here to highlight some:


New Hampshire has lots of bowling alleys, but did you know there is a place called Moose Alley? Take a ride up country and say hello to a moose! The Route 3 area between Pittsburg, New Hampshire, northern most town and Canada is considered one of the best moose spotting areas in New England. Most of New Hampshire’s almost 4000 moose population hangs out in this area. The best opportunity to see these magnificent animals is early morning or at dusk when they are feeding, but they are often spotted in this area all times of day. One caution: drive slowly and carefully! These up to 1200 pound critters can show up when you least expect them! And what goes best after a day of moose spotting ? Time to switch to reds with a Kim Crawford Pinot Noir, of course!


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