If only this purse could talk.

Lisa Hall Mazzaglia was a bit confused when the Seabrook Police called to notify her that they had recovered her purse.

She answered the call while standing in her kitchen in nearby Amesbury MA, staring at her purse sitting on the counter.

They assured her that the recovered property belonged to her.

You see, nearly 14 years ago Lisa was loading presents into her car to give to a family in need just before Christmas of 2002.  She turned around to find that her purse had been stolen out of the back of her shopping cart.

No good deed goes unpunished, right?  Or does it?

The purse was found yesterday, nearly 14 years later, at the Seabrook Market Basket.  An employee turned it over to local authorities after finding it in a trash bin.

To her astonishment, the bag was left almost entirely in it's original condition.  Everything from her wallet to her 2002 Nokia cell phone were all still there and intact.

They thief even left four bucks in cash buried at the bottom.

Here's Lisa's Facebook post explaining the photo:

Yesterday, I was notified that Seabrook police station had my purse. I found this hard to believe since my purse was sitting in my kitchen, but they assured me the purse they had was mine, so I went down to check it out. I figured it must've been a mistake, or perhaps I'd been the victim of identity theft. I'll admit the thought of my stolen purse from years back crossed my mind, but I quickly dismissed it as a ridiculous thought. When I got there the cop walked out with the black bag that had been taken almost 14 years ago.
Way back in 2002, I had my purse stolen. It was a week before Christmas, and ironically it was stolen out of my shopping cart after I had just purchased a gifts to donate to a needy family so they could have a nice Christmas. I was putting the gifts in my car and my bag was lifted out of my cart when I turned my back. The good things that came out of it was I learned my lesson to put my bag away first, and the family in need still got all their gifts in time for Christmas. I was upset at the time, frustrated to have the hassle of losing my stuff, cancelling cards, getting a new cell phone, etc.. It didn't do much for my Christmas spirit that year, but you move on.
The bag It was found yesterday in a trash bin at Market Basket in Seabrook by an employee who kindly turned it into the police. The bag was basically as it was 14 years ago. Wallet still stuffed with credit cards and ID's and receipts from my Christmas shopping done in previous weeks. My mail, cell phone, pager (it was 2002) and my media credentials for my job in news. An old camera and two undeveloped rolls of film, some make up and gum.. Even $4 and the bottom of the bag that had obviously been overlooked by the thief who was happy with the cash in the wallet. It had sustained a little water damage, but wherever it has been hiding for the last 14 years it's in pretty good shape. I admit, I'm curious and wish I knew the story of why someone kept it all those years, or why they decided yesterday was the day to throw it away. Why they never touched any of the other stuff or tried to sell it. Such a strange thing to have happened. But thanks to the twists of fate and thoughtfulness of a Good Samaritan I got to open a 14 year old time capsule."