If you are from Maine, chances are you have visited Norlands Living History Center. Maybe you visited with your school or with your family. Either way, i'm sure the experience stuck with you, like it did me. So how is Norlands doing after the fire? Can you still visit? 

"The past is not merely preserved at Norlands - it's brought to life on a daily basis." That is their mission statement at Norlands and it really is true. What a great place for kids and adults to learn about life before X-BOX, Play Station, cell phones, television, radio or cars. A time in the 1800's when you were awake at the crack of dawn to work the farm. Feeding the animals, planting food, fetching water. Kids get to bake in open wood burning ovens. It's honest hard work that most kids would never know if not for the great interative live characters and ambience of this fully working farm in Livermore Falls, Maine.


Five years ago, a horrible fire ravaged the farm. It was the heart and soul of Norlands. Where livestock would live, equipment and farm supplies stored and the center for numerous school programs. For 40 years this has been a place run with the blood, sweat, and tears of it's passionate workers.


Norlands is the family home of the Washburns, one of the great political and industrial dynasties of the 19th century. There were TEN children who some went on to be governors, congressmen, a United States senator, Secretary of State, foreign ministers, a Civil War general, and a Navy captain. (Washburn-Norlands Living History Center)


After the terrible fire, restoration has been a slow process, but Norlands has persevered. With gracious donations, the barn foundation has been poured. And although slow, it appears they are well on their way to goal.

Read here for more info on the barn raising and how you can help...

You can still visit Norlands and enjoy all it's splendor. There are several events and educational opportunities coming up including...

Saturday, November 8 | 6:30pm | $22 ticket by reservation only.  Limited Seating.

Call 207-897-4366 or emailnorlands@norlands.org. for details and ticket availability.