Over the weekend Star Wars replied to a comment on their Facebook page that only endeared the franchise more to me. 


As a champion of Women and Men everywhere I am always happy when I see people or organizations with a wide reach adding their voice to those calling for equality among the sexes.



After posting this picture of a high ranking Storm Trooper who also happens to be a woman played by Gwendolyn Christie from Game of Thrones, this guy posted an incredibly sexist comment.


But it was Star Wars' response that really made my day. Whoever the moderator on the page was that day, I want them to know they won the internet with their pitch perfect response.



Last I checked, armour wasn't a fashion statement. I'm pretty sure you wear armour into battle to stay alive, not to provide eye candy for the men you are fighting in said battle.


I feel like all too often Feminism get's a bad wrap. So many of my friends suggest to me that the word "Feminist" somehow stand for "man hating" and that's just not the case.


For those who are still confused, here's the definition of Feminism:




The fact that this guys first reaction was to comment that this character didn't look feminine enough reminds me how much our culture is indoctrinated with the concept that women (especially women in film and television) simply exist for the viewing pleasure of men.


So kudos to you Star Wars! I hope more and more this kind of trend continues not just in the movies but in the day to day interactions for all of us.