We've all probably heard about or seen those stand up desk stations at the office. If you've ever worked seasonally for LL Bean you definitely know what i'm talking about.

Stand-up desk stations are a  new advent in the workplace. They allow a desk to be raised up as needed for those with restless legs or back issues. This way you aren't sitting down for 8 hours, but instead can alternate standing and sitting.

This idea has been applied to a few schools and I for one think it's a genius plan! So many kids struggle with sitting still, and here have even been articles and studies that suggest a child's body needs to move to keep the brain alert and ready to learn.


Kids Are Now Using Standing DesksSome classrooms are now using standing desks to keep kids active

Posted by NowThis on Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Reading the comments on this post it's clear that wayyyy too many people don't realize these kids won't be required to stand for 8 hours... which is really frustrating because I'm honestly shocked sometimes by how uninformed people on the internet are. I mean... how in this information age can you know so little about so many simple things?!

Either way I think it's a neat idea and I'm totally in favor of it. What do you think? Would you want one of these in your child's school?