Spirit medium Maureen Hancock joined the 94.9 HOM Morning Show and took several calls from the audience.  She was pretty amazing.  People are mixed in their feelings about the ability to communicate with the dead.

I love the idea of being able to communicate with the dead and that their spirits have moved on. Spiritualism was quite popular during the Victorian time period and has had periods of popularity throughout the ages.

We asked 94.9 HOM listeners how they felt about spirit mediums.  We had listeners on both sides, some with a definitive "Yes!" and others who had no time for such beliefs. Some were open to the possibility. One of my favorite replies was from Heather Mardin-Schultz,  "I do now. I never used to until I had a meeting with a medium and he knew stuff he could not have possible known and he told me a few things that turned out to happen and be true!!"

Maureen Hancock will be coming to Westbrook, Maine on Friday, September 12 at the Westbrook Performing Center.

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