A neighbor with breast cancer once told me about her hair loss from chemo.  Like many traumatic events in our lives, we truly don't know how we are going to react until it happens to us. And now there's a program for free wigs for people with cancer.One morning Bernice woke up to find her hair coming out.  Her husband was a bit shocked.  But, she took some old newspaper and spread it out on the kitchen table to catch her falling locks. As the hair was coming out in great clumps in her hands, she burst into laughter. Her husband was a bit dumbfounded by her reaction, but her laughter was catchy and soon they were both laughing hysterically. Her hair eventually grew back and she lived for decades after her cancer remission. If you or someone that you know has lost hair due to cancer treatments, there's a new program through the Cancer Community Program that fits free wigs.  These wigs have been donated. Breast Cancer survivor and Cancer Community Center volunteer, Debby Porter of Ocean Waves Salon in South Portland is distributing and fitting the wigs. She can be contacted at (207) 799-8686. Debby joined us in the Pink 949 Morning Show Studio:

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