Scratch Baking Co in South Portland has the best bagels EVER.

Teddy (Late to the Party) McKay strikes again. Guess its better to be late than to not make it at all.

Saturday morning my pal Harry and I went for a drive to find the perfect bagel. Not only did we find it. We found a whole new experience.

Harry and his Bag O Bagels/TeddyMcKay

A couple of weeks ago my fiancé Honey came home w/ a couple of day old bagels a friend gave her at work. We ate them and said "WOW, imagine what these would taste like fresh?"

Bagel Tailgate Party/ Teddy McKay

As we pulled up we saw from what I know as my first "Bagel Tailgate Party."


Teddy McKay

A TOTAL neighborhood place, though we came from 3 towns over. I just love a place where animals are welcome. (treats inside)

Teddy McKay

Cool place and they got a lot more than just the best bagel ever: Daily Breads: Sweet Things: Soups & Sangys:

You Tube

If you see this don't panic. Fresh and hot bagels will be out in just a bit. AND they're well worth the wait- Info and directions: Scratch Baking Co

Tell em Teddy, Honey and Harry sent ya!