Strawberry picking in the Summer time in Maine is quite the popular activity. I makes for a fun afternoon with your significant other, kids or friends. The picking portion of the program is cool and then the big payoff is you get to go home with what seems like a lifetime supply of fresh strawberries. But what can one do with all those strawberries? Eating them just plain Jane is sure to get boring after awhile. Here are five unique recipes I found that one can make with their pickings:


Make a Decadent Dessert

These strawberry cupcakes are the perfect balance of tangy and sweet.


Whip Up A Delish Dip

This strawberry salsa is the perfect Summer appetizer and is both healthy and delicious.

Throw It Over Some Greens

You can feel good about indulging in this light strawberry salmon salad for lunch.

Put It In A Cold Soup

There are few things in life more refreshing than a cold soup. Try this melon and strawberry gazpacho. Part soup part smoothie, all delcious.

Make A Southern Style Treat

Bring these strawberry biscuits to any dinner party or BBQ this Summer and get ready for some serious brownie points.....or biscuit points ;)

I hope you enjoy these recipes and remember, this is the Summer no strawberries will be wasted. #nostrawberryleftbehind. Do you think I can make that hashtag happen? Yeah, me neither.