Holiday travel can be very tricky!  I travel A LOT and have become an expert on the entire process; from booking a flight, what to pack, and how best to navigate the long security lines.  Here are some tips on how to avoid those dreaded flight delays.

You may not know that the TSA (federal airport security) recently modified their rules. Here are few things that changed:

  • Wrapped Gifts: Allowed but not advised. Agents may need to check by unwrapping your hard work. Small snow globes are now allowed in carry on luggage only; they weren't before.
  • Gel shoe inserts are now permitted.
  • Dry Ice for transporting foods IS now allowed!
  • Children 12 and under can now keep their shoes on through security checkpoints.

Some other advice and points of interest about holiday travel

  • Always check other airport options near by. You can save money or find a better flight by travelling from another nearby airport.
  • Save hundreds by flying on the actual holiday.
  • The airline's website might very well have lower fares than the so-called discount site.
  • The least expensive day to fly is Tuesday and Sunday is the most expensive.
  • Last year, Florida was the favorite destination for holiday travelers. This year, research shows that it's Washington DC, St Thomas US VI, West Palm Beach, Costa Rica and Mexico.

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Please add your travel tips by commenting below.  Travel safe my friends!