By now I think we've accepted that Facebook is here to stay, and since it's not likely going anywhere anytime soon, it's important to become aware of how our online personal can affect our every day life.

Just as we would "creep" someone on Facebook who asked us out on a date, potential employers also look you up to see what you are like and what kind of activities you engage.

With that in mind, a new survey found the six things that a company could find on your Facebook page that would make them IMMEDIATELY stop considering you for a job.


1.  Risqué photos . . . 71% say this would instantly get you cut.

 2.  Negative comments about work in GENERAL . . . 69% say it's a dealbreaker.

 3.  Negative comments about your current job or a former job, 66%.

 4.  Cursing, 65%.

 5.  Photos of you partying and drinking, 60%.

 6.  Controversial political or social opinions, 30%. 

(Obviously it's not legal for someone to discriminate during the hiring process, but this is before you even GET there)