I had a Senior Skip Day when I was in high school. In fact, I helped coordinate the day that my classmates and I ditched class and caravanned down to Old Orchard Beach for one last day of fun together. We didn't cause any trouble or do anything illegal while away from school. Luckily our teachers and principal didn't punish us when we returned to school the next day.

I believe that schools are going to get a minimal level of commitment and attention from seniors in the last few days of school anyway, so why not grant the students a free pass for the day and let them continue a long-standing tradition without fear of consequence?

This debate sparked up on my Facebook feed when a former teacher of mine posted a photo of his empty classroom with the caption, "Empty classroom. One lonely sophomore. #SeniorSkipDay." This teacher didn't necessarily give his thumbs up to the senior skip day, but he did seem defend Senior Skip Day as an accepted one day pass.

I've heard that Senior Skip Day is not acceptable at some schools and it is often answered with harsh punishments like failing assignments and exclusion from graduation ceremonies. That seems a bit much, but that's just me.

What do you think? Should seniors face punishment for Senior Skip Day?