My friend is in a fight with her ex husband. He thinks it's fine for their ten year old daughter to be on Facebook. She disagrees. What do you think? 

Lunch was fun with my friend. We caught up on old times and had a few laughs over a cocktail and she vented about her ex husband allowing her ten year old daughter to join Facebook. I don't have children, but I have to say, I agree with her. I have seen what's on Facebook, i've even posted some inappropriate things myself. I've had creepy people I don't know messaging me nasty things and seen the bullying that goes on.

What are your thoughts on kids on Facebook? Is there a perfect age for it?

Psychologists say that the following things are reasons for why your child should NOT be on Facebook.






COPPA (The Children's privacy protection act) Who knew, it's against the law! Basically it protects a kid’s personal info and keeps it off the web. That’s why every site asks you to verify that you are over 18.

Here's a great resource to help kids understand the importance of social media safety.