There are two kinds of people in this world: those who lift their windshield wipers up before the ice hits and those who keep them down.

The snow is finally here and the great winter debate begins: should drivers lift their windshield wipers up during a snowstorm, or leave them down?

It is a controversy that rears its head up every season and there is really no clear answer. However, there are pros and cons to going either way in the windshield wiper game.

Get the facts on wiper positions before another winter storm hits and join a side.

Wipers Up!

  • Your wipers won't tear off the glass after starting your car (if you forgot to turn them off)
  • Won't have to chip the ice around them and accidentally cause damage
  • Easier to clean that windshield!"
  • It feels like you are doing something productive before your town gets decimated by snow
  • Your car looks like it is pointing both hands to the side and shouting "Aaw yeah!"

Wipers Down!

  • The springs on your wiper arms won't stretch out and affect your wipers long-term
  • Vandals won't be tempted to knock them off
  • Your car doesn't look silly with its wipers in the air
  • There won't be a problem with the wipers going off unexpectedly because you are smart enough to turn them off before you get out of the car.
  • One less thing to do in the winter because there are more annoying chores to do

Still don't know which way to go? According to The Weather Network, several wiper manufacturers recommend lifting the wiper blades up before things get icy. Also, the American Automobile Association claims that leaving wipers up does not weaken the springs.

Of course, other drivers who are anti-lifting may make fun of you behind your back, which can surely take an emotional toll.

No matter what side you lean on, we can all agree that snow and ice are annoying and find common ground in wanting winter to be over as soon as possible.