Hey look, it's a Ouija Board! I totally forgot I had this. I've heard so many horror stories, including seeing a movie called "Ouija." Should I have this in the house? Should I be discarding this mystical oracle? Is this all just in my head?


My friends in high school used to play with the Ouija board after school. I remember one time they seemed to summon a young boy who had died years before in our area. It appeared they were having a legit conversation with him. He described his death in detail, he missed his parents and sibling, he was stuck in some purgatory. I had a combination of chills from fear and intrigue. I knew of this him from stories but to think this might be real had me sleeping with the covers over my head for weeks.

When I told my parents about the board they were horrified. It was as if I had told them I was becoming a satanist. Here are some interesting Ouija stories to that scared the bejesus out of me...