19 Kids And Counting on TLC has a problem. Their son Josh Duggar has admitted to molestation charges. If you remember Honey Boo Boo was taken off the air because Mamma June was dating a convicted child molester. Should 19 Kids be taken off the air too? Or is this different? 

They are known for their modesty. The way they dress, act and court. In fact, while dating and through engagement kissing is not allowed. Side hugs are about as far as it goes and chaperones are required each time they go out. I think that is why it is so shocking to hear news that the eldest of the 19 kids, Josh has admitted to inappropriately touching girls including his sister and a babysitter. Josh was 14 at the time, his father Jim Bob turned him in. The church handled it, the Duggars lawyered up and Josh was never punished by law. In fact, by the time this all came out to the police in 2006 thanks to a tip Oprah got, the statute of limitations had already passed and Josh is free from prosecution. He is now married with his own children including one on the way.

Here's the question, as you remember there was a very public fight between the network TLC (which owns 19 kids) and Honey Boo Boo's mom Mamma June. The fight centered around the man Mamma June had been dating. He is a convicted child molester. Having that man around a young girl was enough to make them pull the plug on the show. Now Mamma June is ticked off again saying TLC needs to adhere to the same standards and dump "19 Kids and Counting." What do YOU think? Should they dump the show and the family or is this just one big overreaction?