The International Space Station will be visible in Northern New England tonight  through Aug 19. Here’s how and when you can get the best view-

Even before we had Astronaut Chris Cassidy and Astronaut to be Dr Jessica  Meir on the show I was kinda a space geek. I really wanna catch an Aurora  Borealis but this will have to do for now.

From now through the end of the month basically you’ll be able to see it with  the naked eye. Course a high powered turbo jet fueled telescope wouldn’t hurt.  Try to get away from highly lighted areas.

Here’s the a detailed schedule from NASA with times and date for the best  viewing:

Here’s a picture from the last time it was visible back in February. Maine  astronaut Chris Cassidy was on the station at the time  It was taken  by FB friend Patrick Fennell of Saco. Please check out his photography page:



The International Space Station passing through Orion on Feb. 24 at 6:08 PM. This is a crop from a 140 second exposure photo which gives the 'star trails', ISO 400, Pentax K-30 - Saco, Maine USA


Patrick Fennell

Here’s Maine Astronaut Chris Cassidy in studio w/ us-

Listen to interview:


Sandra Harris