Be VERY careful when apartment hunting in Portland...or anywhere else for that matter!

I was recently scoping out apartments in the Portland area on Craigslist. Let me start by saying that Craigslist is a wonderful resource...not just for apartments, but also for many other things. But you have to be smart about it. And when something seems too good to be usually is.

There were a few properties that appeared to be amazing deals. Entire houses for rent...for under $1,000 a month? Fully furnished modern apartments in the Downtown area for $600 a month?

I emailed a few of these ads that seemed too good to be true. Some of them I never heard back from, but a few others responded with a very long email that was obviously automated. If I had have responded to that email, I'm sure the next step would have been for me to send them money...which I would never do, unless I met someone and saw the place in question IN PERSON.

Here's a story about a couple who was recently the victim of a Portland apartment scam.