Memories Pizza in Indiana says they would refuse to deliver pizza to a gay wedding. Is that Discrimination or religious belief? 

Indiana's new Religious Freedom Restoration Act is causing a lot of outrage and one small family owned Pizza place in right in the center of the storm. Kevin O'conner, owner of "Memories Pizza" was asked if he would serve to the LGBT community. He said yes, but he would not cater a gay wedding due to his religious beliefs. What do you think? Are they wrong? Feel fee to comment below.  I'm so torn on this. I greatly believe that anyone should have the right to believe what they want. Religious beliefs are so personal. This business is not denying the gay community from enjoying their product, they just don't agree with gay marriage and feel they can't cater something they so strongly disagree with. One part of me feels like this is total discrimination, the. the other part of me sees Christmas taken from schools because of religious beliefs and I wonder if there really is a difference. The business has been threatened over this and they have been forced to shut down.

Help me with this. What do you think?

I think the more important question is...who would ever have a pizza wedding?