I love Nurses and have many amazing friends and family members who have spent their lives in this career caring for others for a living! But as I read the comments and open letters flooding my news feed, the one thing that perplexes me is that no one is talking about the real issue.


My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's and spent her last years in a nursing home. For the most part she didn't have an understanding of what was happening around her, but the care she received from the Nurses there was incredible. So I have to agree that the comments made on the view were certainly careless.




I also have to say that I don't believe The View was trying to mock or make fun of nurses. I do think the woman on The View was trying to be comedic in her review of ALL of the performances in the talent section of the pageant.




The truth is, Miss Colorado's performance wasn't very good. The monologue itself was well written, but her performance was not dynamic. Her body language was flat, she didn't use the full range of her voice and she rushed through moments that, in the hands of an actor, could have been incredibly touching and poignant.


AND THAT'S OK! You know why? Because she's a Nurse, not an Actor.


EXCEPT, in this case she is competing in the talent portion of a competition, and she chose "Acting" as her talent. Therefore, inviting criticism of her performance. Let me say that again for those in the back: I am critiquing her performance, not her as a person or her day job as a Nurse.


Am I being critical? Yes. I spent 4 years earning a degree in Acting and the last 15 years working professionally, so I feel I've earned the right to constructively critique an acting performance.


But ask yourself this; If her talent choice had been Singing, and she sang a few notes off key and her voice wasn't terrible but wasn't spectacular, would you be offended if The View had made comedic comments critiquing that performance? I didn't see anyone up in arms about the comments made mocking the violinist?


I think it's safe to suggest that we've all watched American Idol or The Voice at least once; and I'm certain many of us have sat and commented critically about a singer who was lacking or maybe who just wasn't that great.




I've come to expect the mob mentality on social media, but I hate watching as the world gets swept up in attacking imagined foes. From my perspective the issue here isn't that The View hates Nurses, it's that Miss Colorado isn't a great Actress.


What if instead of spreading anger and outrage, we just focused on spreading messages of love and celebrated the amazing Nurses everywhere? Wouldn't that be nicer? Here I'll Start!



To the AMAZING Nurses everywhere, THANK YOU!