I have found myself lost in a 'toxic relationship' now for about 5 months. I am just now finding my way out of his grasp, and ready to get back to 'me'. It has been an emotional roller coaster with constant ups and downs, and being in situations that are not healthy for me. We have all been there at some point with a friend, significant other, and family members. Your care very much about the person, but, you have to walk away to save yourself. And, it's easier said than done. But, the first step, is realizing and accepting that they are a toxic person.

Here are the signs that someone in your life is toxic for you:

  • They try to control you. People that are not in control of their own lives, tend to want to control others lives. It can happen slowly over time, by subtle manipulation, or in pretty obvious ways.
  • They disregard your boundaries. In any healthy relationship, there should be an equal amount of give and take. A toxic person will just take and take, without giving back.
  • They are always 'right'. You will never hear a toxic person admit they are wrong. They will ALWAYS find a way to be right.
  • They lie, a lot. They lie all the time, it's very obvious, and they repeat the behavior constantly.
  • They always play the victim. It is easy for a toxic person to play victim, always. They use excuses and blame so that way, they don't have to take responsibility for their actions.
  • They never take responsibility. This is so they can continue to use bad behaviors, and it makes it alright for them to continue to live they way they do.

If you recognize any of these behaviors in someone that is close to you, they are toxic for you. This means, you cannot make any progress in your self improvement, because they pull you back into their mess all the time. The mistake most of us makes with a toxic person, is thinking we can help them, or they will change. And, inevitably, you keep finding your self let down by them, and disappointed. This keeps you in a sad place, and you sometimes even start to take on their behaviors.

You are not alone, and this doesn't mean you are stupid, or a loser. It means you are a nice person, and it's time for you to let go, and move on. The toxic person will not change, but you can. Removing them from your life will be difficult, but, stay strong. Because you will be better off, and get back to the real you!

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