Mental Illness is never anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. As humans living in the now, there is SO much information thrown at us in one day. On top of working, taking care of the kids, running errands; let's not forget the harsh winters. It's no wonder we tend to get overwhelmed. Living in Maine can be rougher due to incomes dropping, no jobs available, and the cost of living going up and up. Mainahs are known to be 'tough people' and for the most part we can handle it. But, a Harvard Educated Economist by the name of Seth Stephens-Davidowitz says that we aren't handling life so well.

According to a recent article published in The Boston Globe; this Economist did a study on the transcontinental lode of anxiety-related Google searches. And, his findings were scary. Basically, the study shows that the state of Maine is the most anxious in the country. And, that Presque Isle is the most anxious town. In his study, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz says

There is increasing evidence that searches on a health condition highly correlate with the number of people suffering from that condition,” wrote Stephens-Davidowitz, who studied search terms such as “anxiety help,” “anxious,” and “anxiety symptoms.’’


In the same article, residents in Presque Isle were interviewed, and asked about their own anxieties. Their answers were mixed.

Maine is well known to have been one of the leaders in developing mental health services. There are so many services and programs that you can reach out to for help. I have been living in Maine for 11 years, and have utilized some of those services; I am so grateful they are there for me still. Maine is a big state, but communities make it feel smaller. I have always been amazed how in this state, communities are family. And, the residents are always there for each other. Reach out if you need help.