I walked in as a total skeptic...but somehow, she knew things she shouldn't have...

I've been by the sign a hundred time since I moved here last year - "Psychic Readings"...right in the heart of the Old Port at Exchange and Fore. I never really gave it a second thought until the other night when I was with somebody who insisted we go in.

If you know me, you know I'm skeptical about pretty much anything. So as walked in there, I figured the ten bucks would be simply worth the entertainment, nothing more.

When I first met Jules, I was pretty nervous. Which is interesting because I'm usually very outgoing when I meet new people. But I guess in the back of my head I was thinking that there was a slight chance that maybe she CAN read my mind...will she judge me for what she sees and hears??

We covered two topics - professional life and love life. And with both, she hit the nail right on the head with a few different things. Now I know that it would be very easy for someone to say some very broad things, and if I wanted to, I could connect it with something happening in my life.

But this was different. She was being VERY specific. Here's one example: she told me that I have a business venture that has been stagnant for a while, but has recently picked up. Well it just so happens that I do voiceover work on the side...and I just landed a really big client that has lots of long term potential. Interesting!

She hit on a few other things as well that really surprised me. I was impressed!

Now, am I full on converted? I wouldn't say that...but it was definitely worth the ten bucks I would have otherwise spent on a couple of beers. And you know what? I'll probably go back to her at some point!

So next time you pass the "Psychic Readings" sign in the Old Port, why not give it a shot?