Results of an analysis done by show Portland, Maine as the most desirable city in country to live if you love drinking beer. 

Getty Images spent some time looking to answer one very important question; where is the best place to live if I absolutely LOVE drinking beer? They took a number of factors into consideration including total number of microbreweries and brewpubs, the average Yelp rating for said breweries and the average price of a pint of that delicious beer. The conclusion came back with one answer: Portland, Maine is the best city for beer drinkers in the United States.

Check out a full breakdown of the factors as well as some of their favorite breweries in Maine courtesy of

Portland, ME has seen the whispers become full blown conversation when it comes to being a beer drinking destination. Portland is home to cornerstones like Allagash and Sebago Brewing as well as upstarts like Rising Tide and Bissell Brothers. While Portland currently boasts 17 microbreweries within city limits, there are several others in surrounding towns and cities within driving distance and even more planned for 2016. Consider this as well, Portland currently only has about 66,000 residents, so the microbrewery to person ratio is outstanding for beer drinkers.

Additionally, the findings show that most of the best beer drinking cities have longer winters and shorter summers which help boost the beer industry. You have to party when it's warm and you have to drink away your blues when you're stuck inside because its too cold to move outdoors.

Take a look at this table that dissects all of the findings and ranks several other cities:

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Time to be proud Maine, our Portland has officially outdone Oregon's version. Time to huddle indoors, survive winter and drink some of the delicious beer that our city has to offer!

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